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Our recent pledgers

Trafford Housing Trust

The Housing Trust have formed a Project Team of volunteers who are passionate about tackling food poverty together they have agreed a plan for the Housing Trust's involvement in the week of action.

In the weeks leading to 13th October, Trafford Housing Trust will be:    

  • Talking to people in food poverty or at risk of food poverty to get their views on the action that is needed during the week and going forward
  • Talking to organisations and volunteers supporting people in food poverty and contributing to redistribution and reduction of food waste to get their views  
  • Raising awareness of the issue of food poverty within THT - to share the facts and bust the myths.  
  • THT believe that as an organisation striving for a society transformed, free from poverty, inequality and injustice, every member of staff should have some knowledge of this issue.  
  • Planning a number of projects for the week of action that will engage volunteers from across the Trust and begin a campaign that will contribute to real and lasting change    
  • Starting to engage with leaders across Trafford to raise awareness across the borough and beyond and lead the drive for us to tackle the issue together

The projects THT are planning are;
Giving Food
We are asking foodbanks, breakfast clubs and other voluntary groups what help they need and developing projects to support them.  

Local foodbanks have told the Trust that transport is a big issue.  Trafford Housing Trust are holding a charity car wash to raise funds for a van for Stretford Foodbank but starting from 15th October THT vehicles will be transporting food instead of the volunteers. They will start by transporting food from the warehouse to St Francis Church is Sale Moor as a trial and then they plan to roll this out to the other foodbanks.

The Trust will also be assisting with stock rotation by moving food from Partington to Timperly.  This will prevent the need for the foodbanks to hire a van or for volunteers to transport the food.

In addition THT has already held a charity car wash was where £5 fee went to MacMillan cancer care but staff who left food parcels in their car were also given a valet.   
Growing Food
The Housing Trust has customer groups interested in growing their own food and the Trust are asking how they can support them and encourage other neighbourhoods to get involved. We have events at community allotments during the week of action to talk to customers about getting involved in growing food.  
Cooking Food
THT is connecting with organisations who support people to eat cheaply and healthily and reduce waste.  They are organising soup clubs in all our sheltered schemes and developing recipe cards for cooking on a budget.  They are holding events during the week of action with cooking demos to talk to customers about cooking on a budget, avoiding waste and cooking with their children.  
Positive Starts with Food
The Trust is talking to new tenants who are at risk of food poverty about what support they need when they move into a new home - extending the support and advice they already provide to include food

To contact the project team email: TacklingFoodPovertyTogether@traffordhousingrtust.co.uk