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Tackling the Growing Problem of Food Poverty in Greater Manchester: How Industry Can Help - The Event

“Perhaps, like many people, I was naïve in thinking that the basic needs of humanity were being met to a large degree in the western world and that mass homelessness and hunger were challenges faced only by developing nations. But a report by Manchester City Council last October lifted the scales from our eyes and made it crystal clear that not just child poverty but child hunger is a huge and indeed growing problem right here on our doorstep."

M.E.N. Editor-in-Chief Rob Irvine

The Manchester Evening News and Kellogg’s hosted an event on Friday 21st June to discuss food poverty in Greater Manchester; asking what local industry can do to help tackle this problem in our own city.

The event was attended by over 130 people from the private, public and voluntary sectors. You can read the full report from the Manchester Evening News here.

Delegates were asked to think of 10 ideas in 10 minutes for simple ways businesses could utilise or make more of the untapped skills, resources, products, people and knowledge and put them to good use helping communities across Greater Manchester.

In order to galvanise action and inspire businesses and communities, a steering group, Manchester Food Poverty Alliance, has been created which will be meeting on Tuesday November 26 to define next steps based on the feedback and inspiration from the session.

Joining the debate, chaired by Eamonn O’Neal, Managing Editor of the Manchester Evening News, was...

  • Kate Green, MP for Stretford and Urmston, Shadow spokesperson for Equalities
  • Jonathan Myers, Managing Director, Kellogg’s UK
  • Rob Irvine, Editor in Chief, Manchester 
Evening News
  • Adrian Curtis, Foodbank Network Director, The Trussell Trust
  • Richard Mason, Corporate Responsibility Manager, Asda
  • Prof. Eileen Fairhurst, Professor in Public Health, Salford University and Greater Manchester Poverty Commissioner

Following the event Kellogg's brought together a number of interested individuals and organisations including Eversheds, Eileen Fairhurst (representing Salford University and the Greater Manchester Poverty Comission, Elaine Johnson representing Trafford Housing Trust and the Greater Manchester Poverty Commission, Manchester Food Futures, Shoosmiths,The Wellbeing Farm, Real Food Wythenshawe, Manchester Food Festival and Kate Green MP

The group discussed some of the big ideas from the session and how best to bring them together to make a difference. It was decided that Greater Manchester should have a week of action where individuals and businesses could help tackle some of the issues around food poverty.

The week will be an opportunity to focus people's minds but we hope that the work and action undertaken will go on all year round.