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Our recent pledgers


The MEN are running an ongoing campaign to end the scandal of Greater Manchester’s hungry children.

The MEN campaign to end the scandal of Greater Manchester’s hungry children began in September last year, following the publication of figures that showed over 40 per cent of children in Manchester are living below the poverty line.

As reporter, Amy Glendinning, looked into the story, it became clear a major issue was food poverty – that children are not getting enough food to eat, and parents are unable to afford nutritious food, fruit and vegetables.

The MEN heard from headteachers that children are arriving to school without eating breakfast, sometimes with only a biscuit in their lunch boxes, and discovered that community centre volunteers are buying bread and cheese for youngsters from their own pocket so they had something to eat after school.

The MEN campaign has since gained support both from MPs across Greater Manchester, as well as David Miliband and Prime Minister, David Cameron.

The MEN has worked to raise awareness of food poverty issues to readers, such as rising food and fuel prices, 'food deserts' and changes to the benefits system.

The campaign has also seen businesses across the region sign up to support food distribution charity, FareShare.