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Hard to Swallow: Kellogg's food poverty report

Key Findings

This report, conducted on behalf of Kellogg’s by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) attempts to measure food poverty, and considers the implications for shoppers, businesses and government.

Our findings show food poverty in the UK is increasing, with a significant impact on families already struggling to meet basic nutritional needs.

The Greater Manchester Poverty Commission published its findings on 15 January 2013 and calls for special measures which will assist more than 600,000 Greater Manchester residents who are experiencing the effects of extreme poverty. In addition, it calls for action to prevent nearly 1.6 million people (nearly half the population of Greater Manchester) sliding in to deeper poverty.

The Commission found that those living in poverty face hunger, isolation, fear and frustration. The largest group, living on the lowest incomes, are families with children and home owners. Many of those living in poverty are in part-time work, low waged and suffer from fuel poverty, food poverty and have reduced access to basic services such as transport and technology.

In response to personal testimonies, from those affected by poverty, and as a result of robust research, the Commissioners have produced two reports.